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Pricing Information

Pricing varies depending on the type of design requested. Heavily detailed design such as the helmet on my homepage; Monster Maple Leaf or The Capitals with an eagle includes the stripping down, cleaning of the helmet, sanding, base coat, followed by the detaied work and  the final clear coat. It can take anywhere from 40-80 hours of labor, Some designs require research on requested pictures. This all effects the pricing.


A helmet with a basic logo or flames normally take 30 hours or less to complete, so they are a cheaper option. Your helmet is still sripped, cleaned, sanded, base coat,.followed by the flames/logo/etc; and the clear coat.

I will quote on any design. Just e-mail me with your ideas, photos or suggestion's and I will do the rest!

Helmet's, motorcycle's ( Parts) Motor cross bikes, Ski- doo etc; I offer shipping (regular package) in CANADA. Shipping outside of Canada varies.